Indian Health Policy In The Light Of Covid-19: The Puzzles Of State Capacity And Institutional Design

The pandemic has constituted a severe stress test for the Indian health system. In this article, we review India's experience with Covid-19 in 2020. An array of initiatives are required in response to these experiences, in public health and in health care. In testing and in health care, the substantial role of the private sector needs to be recognised, and integrated into thinking about health policy. There is a need to reform government organisations, which wield coercive power or spend public money, so as to refocus them upon addressing market failure, and achieving state capacity. There is considerable knowledge, in the field of state capacity in India, which can help in this task.

Citation: Indian health policy in the light of Covid-19: The puzzles of state capacity and institutional design, Ajay Shah, India Policy Forum, 2020.